Why We Exist

The staffing industry is a strange one… Customers are forced to choose between large, indistinguishable companies that offer an impersonal approach and a myriad smaller staffing groups attempting to lure business by overpromising about their services and capability. The gap had to be filled.

When we established Teknospark consulting we had a very specific mission. We knew we had top notch expertise in staffing and recruiting, so we decided to focus all our energies on becoming the very best at this precise field. No fluff, no filler. We offer an honest, hands-on, and personal approach to every single placement we arrange. We bring the human being – complete with all the complexities, skills, and idiosyncrasies – to the forefront of our process. 

The bottom line is, we never compromise our highest priority: To create a warm and enthusiastic bond between candidate and company. That’s why we exist.

Our Mission

When making the choice to partner with NR, whether you’re hiring or looking for a new position, our priority is making you feel like part of our team. Because, at the end of the day, a business’s most valuable currency is the impressions it leaves behind. We strive every day to perform for every client, large or small, in order to create the kind of impression we’re determined to leave. There are no shortcuts, and we leave nothing to chance. We pride ourselves on our follow through, our passion, and our determination to get it right.

Who We Are

Sharabh started his staffing industry journey in 2010 with one of the biggest players in the industry. With his ability to learn quickly and desire to advance, Sharabh became involved in all aspects of the business and began leading a team in less than two years. He was directly involved with the sector growth and in expanding the operations, especially the transition of Business Processes. Soon he came up with a vision to establish Teknospark consulting in 2017. He always believed there is nothing more powerful than team passion and initiative to make customers and consultants happy.

After a post-children career working several positions with IBM, Kimberley was recruited by one of the staffing industry giants to run their western US region as Service Delivery Manager. She was a top producer every year of her tenure. Yes, she knows her stuff. This varied and deep experience portfolio provided the ideal experience to partner with Sharabh and Paul in launching NR.

Paul comes to Teknospark consulting from a life-long career in the commercial real estate industry. He’s worked with many growing companies, participated in over a billion dollars in transactions, and has many relationships in private equity, lending, venture capital and investment banking.  Paul is now applying these experiences to managing and investing in Teknospark consulting. He is enjoying the education curve that comes with learning a new industry while the rest of the skilled and experienced management team keeps him removed from critical operations.

Enough about us. Tell us about you!