Looking to Be Hired?

Resumes, Interviews, and Applications:

Our experience in the staffing industry has provided our team with a detailed background in what recruiters are looking for. You want to put your best foot forward. We want to help you make that happen. We will get you in front of the right recruiters, of course. But we can take that a step further in getting you and your resume prepared for this moment. This is your life we’re talking about, and we feel the weight of this decision.

Set an appointment with Kimberley, one of our founders, to shape your skillset and your communication style, so you give yourself the best possible chance to land that gig! With her robust background in staffing and psychology, she will make you a much better candidate, and a stronger and more confident interviewer. 

Specifics? Here are a few of the things our team can provide to you:

  • Present multiple IT/Technical opportunities that align with your background & job seeking preferences.
  • Help you find the best possible situation and working environment.
  • Prepare you for a successful interview with tips and advice.
  • Negotiate the salary and benefits that mutually satisfy you and the employer.
  • Communicate all aspects of the opportunity, employer goals, likes/dislikes, so you can make the best possible decision.
  • Help manage your transition into your new role.
  • Stay in touch after your start date, acting on your behalf as your personal recruiting advocate.

Job Opportunities

We’ll bring them to you! Once received, we’ll compare your resume with positions partnering companies are hiring for. We’ll continue bringing new opportunities to you until we’ve found the perfect fit. Once you’re excited by an opening, we’ll submit your resume and keep you in the loop on next steps.

Interview Prep

Our client will let us know if you’re a potential fit and we’ll schedule an interview at your earliest convenience. We’ll handle the details, and help you get ready to nail the interview. It’s in our best interest to not only land you interviews, but to do whatever we can to ensure you get the job you’re looking for. We are in your corner. 

What’s next?

Our client will reach out to us to let us know how the interview went, and if they’d like to proceed to either the next round of the interview process, or if you’ve landed the job. Our goal from here will either be to set up your next interview round, or better yet; negotiate your offer based on what you’re seeking! Whether you’ve received an offer or made it to the next round, we’ll be ready to help with whatever comes next.

And if you’re not the perfect fit? Our work isn’t done. The right opportunity for you is out there — We  will find it.

We're ready to help you find that perfect position!​