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We offer a wealth of Workforce Solutions geared to meet our clients specific needs.

We offer a contingent workforce to meet our client’s business requests.  With our carefully curated database full of highly skilled consultants who will meet the client’s demands, we continue to fill a variety of roles across numerous platforms .  By engaging  contractual workers, the client  can complete the work within the stipulated time and spare the long-term remuneration costs.

Looking for a permanent employee? We can help with that as well. From writing a detailed job description, promoting the position, sifting through the resumes and interviewing the candidates, NR is passionate about finding you the right person for the position. We find the right talent to meet your business needs. Whether you need lower or mid-level experts or Senior managers and C-suite executives, NR can find the skills you need.  You will then have access to the most qualified, pre-screened candidates. 

For a  larger IT, Software development, or a BPO project, our Near Shore Staffing capabilities are just the ticket. We will acquire the appropriate skill level people and create a dedicated team to tackle the project. We have our own model for this that we’re quite proud of. We can develop talented teams from Eastern Europe or India that will communicate effectively with management teams located in major business hubs across the globe.


We offer highly-customized recruiting solutions through an adaptable engagement show including:

 Global recruiting function deployed and managed across local markets in a fully integrated RPO program including direct hire and contingent labor.

End-to-end, front-end or back-end only basis, You decide the project parameters and we will seamlessly implement your vision.

End-to-end recruiting solution sent for a particular mission-basic activity.

We will work with your in-house recruiting team to create a sourcing-particular solution that performs as a single unit. Our version of the RPO benefit conveyance show can surgically cut time and costs out of the recruiting process giving you faster time-to-hire and best-fit talent – just how you want it.


Our proprietary SOW details everything including a project’s purpose, resources, schedule, milestones and costs.  But we take it a step further by providing a narrative on the intangibles.

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We’ve made our process replicable in every industry, and we’ve performed our service in almost every one of them. Due to our experience, nothing takes us by surprise. What’s most important is that we stay true to our mission of making sure the connection we make between the position and the player takes into account much more than just the right skills. Environment matters, team size matters. The vibe, the demands, the culture, and extracurricular influences. It all matters. If these human elements and needs are not met, the placement will be a failure. And we don’t fail. We’ve built our company culture around understanding granular factors other companies don’t bother to research. This leads to stronger productivity, efficiency, and most of all, harmony between candidate and company.

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